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We would like to thank the following organizations for their sponsorship of this year's Automotive Training Expo:

Advance Professional

Advance Professional

Advance Professional and Carquest offer more than just a wide selection of parts and prompt delivery. We offer professional solutions to support your shop in every aspect of operation.

From technical or business training, to stocking and loyalty programs, to online technology tools, we are a trusted partner to the automotive aftermarket professional. 

Advance Professional is a leading automotive parts provider that gives customers access to its network of more than 6,500 company-owned stores.

Chris Chesney
(919) 573-3342
Autmotive Training Institute ATI

Autmotive Training Institute ATI

About ATI
Since 1980, we've been helping independent auto repair and collision repair shop owners improve their businesses and their lives, with proven, measurable and field-tested strategies and practices. Through the hard work of our wonderful and very talented associates, ATI has grown into the leading coaching and consulting automotive management company in the world, with more than 1,300 active members who represent the best shops in the US and Canada. 

We want our clients to be happy and achieve their dreams. Dreams are usually different for each person and at ATI we understand those differences. No matter what type of shop owner you are at this point in your life, we understand you.


Matt Winslow
(301) 498-8083


The company became the first auto parts retailer to create a quality control program for its parts, causing business to boom. The company grew quickly in the 80s and had 513 stores in 17 states by 1989.

The company went public in 1991 on the NYSE under the ticker symbol: AZO. In 1995, the 1000th store was opened in Louisville, Kentucky. The following year the company opened their website.  In 1998, the company acquired Auto Palace, TruckPro, and Chief Auto Parts, which gave the chain over 150 extra locations. In 2008, AutoZone opened their 4,000th store in Houston, Texas. Annual revenue that year hit $6.2 billion.

There was currently over 4400 locations in 48 US states and a total of 6003 in Mexico, Brazil, and the US.  Annual revenue in 2017 was $10.89 billion, The Autozone corporate office is located in Memphis, Tennessee.

Jim Gray
(704) 301-1500


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BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY equips the automotive repair and maintenance aftermarket with award-winning technology tools to improve customer communication. The company's technology instantly transmits photos, videos and text messages to communicate automotive repair details, thereby increasing customer trust, boosting sales and empowering shops to build long-term customer relationships. Along with ongoing training and support, BOLT ON's mobile and digital tools also reduce problems inherent in the service process, while increasing shop productivity, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

For more information, visit BoltOnTechnology.com or call 610-400-1019.

Frank Dragoni
(610) 400-1019
Bosch Automotive Aftermarket

Bosch Automotive Aftermarket

Bosch develops and delivers professional training programs that help busy professionals stay competitive. With vehicle technologies becoming increasingly advanced, high-tech training is more essential than ever for qualified technicians. Our automotive technology program provides the knowledge and skills you need. Using the latest equipment, you'll learn how to diagnose, service, repair and troubleshoot domestic and foreign cars.

Karl Schneider
(708) 865-5102
CompuTrek Systems

CompuTrek Systems

At The CompuTrek Group, we come to work everyday because we get the opportunity to solve BIG problems. Business problems. People problems. In fact, addressing problems are what we do best, SOLVING THEM is what we do BETTER.

Throughout the history of business, people have used data to make informed decisions, and the CONTEXT of that data, allowing you to make better decisions. To us, the CORE definition of business is 'relationship' and the health of the business success is in 'direct relation’ to how we’ve created our business eco-systems. You can't have good business without it.

In this age of information, we are more quickly than ever connecting people with SOLUTION and adjoining the engine of technology to come into alignment with relationship - creating the BEST advantage for you individually and in partnership with a Team! WIN-WIN!


Dave Schedin
(253) 732-5229


CTI and WTI offer world-class training for automotive service professionals. CTI and WTI offer technical and business/management education for shop owners, technicians, service advisors, service managers, and automotive aftermarket fleets and franchises.

CTI and WTI are working together to offer all products to all customers of Advance Auto Parts, WORLDPAC, CARQUEST and Autopart International. You can also access the full offering of classes and training products in Advance Pro, Speed Dial or WebLink. Or simply reach out to your local representative for help with signing up for classes.

Established in 1998, both CTI and WTI are committed to providing industry leading training and support. CTI class development begins at the CTI Research & Development Center in Raleigh NC. The CTI development team uses OE information, case studies, on-vehicle testing to create real-world proprietary content. WTI works directly with OE manufacturers to license content. Subject-Matter-Experts create enhanced class content using factory materials, case studies, hands-on testing and real-time field experiences. Many of the CTI+WTI instructors are factory-trained instructors, technicians and shop foremen.

CTI+WTI Business and Management classes are developed to enhance shop profitability through education and training. Classes are created exclusively for the independent aftermarket, designed and taught by our industry-recognized experts.

CTI+WTI Training strives to develop and nurture long term relationships with our customers to generate sustainable value. A True Partnership

Jerry Baarson
(541) 818-0168
Educational Seminars Institute (ESi)

Educational Seminars Institute (ESi)

Educational Seminars Institute (ESi) is the forerunner in providing the independent repair shop with up-to-date full-facility training for the management team and personnel. Throughout its 35 years in business training, ESi has been responsible for creating several innovative training programs, including: Professional Business Development, Advanced Professional Business Development, Service Writers School of America and In Shop Training and Support. While many other companies have tried to imitate these highly successful classes, none have achieved the success rate or accolades that ESi has. All of the ESi training programs target development strategies that fine tune and produce professional skills in automotive business owners and their employees. We tailor our trainings to fit your individual repair shop to help you achieve higher levels of success.

Maylan Newton
(805) 526-3039
Greenhaven Interactive

Greenhaven Interactive - Web Marketing Consultant

As an ASA Allied Member for over 20 years,. GreenHaven has helped many members with new websites, social media, seo and other digital marketing.
Dave Parkhurst
(253) 906-2705
Hunter Engineering Company

Hunter Engineering Company

Hunter’s award-winning research and development team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers is responsible for hundreds of patented and exclusive features that make Hunter products the most productive under car service equipment available.

Hunter’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through quality assurance, recycling programs, helping customers make informed, environmentally-friendly decisions, and continuously enhancing green initiatives for a healthier and cleaner world.

Michael McKee
(541) 904-5167
Hybrid Automotive

Hybrid Automotive

Hybrid Automotive has been specializing in Hondas and Toyotas since 1999 and we’ve built well over 2,500 Prolong® Battery Systems. Each one is a labor of love, and every detail is obsessed over. All our chargers are internally fused and include our Patent Pending hybrid battery cooling circuitry for the safest, most effective charge you’ll find anywhere.

Instant starts and better acceleration. Superior ingredients mean superior performance. All Prolong Battery Systems are built with high quality Mean Well internal power supplies. We use positive lock CPC connectors, aircraft-grade 300 volt wiring, durable PET sleeving, and self-cooling cases. It all adds up to a more confident ride.

Jeff Sloan
(408) 679-9500


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About Kukui Corporation

Kukui is the maker of the All in One Success Platform® which empowers each of its’ clients with advanced business intelligence powered by an integrated suite of business marketing solutions and custom-built websites that are optimized for high sales conversion. Kukui clients drive their business decisions with a single intuitive analytics dashboard that provides at a glance quantitative data showing their return on investment, statistics revealing their customer retention rate, and areas to improve their business. The Kukui platform enables clients with customer engagement and trust-building solutions through real-time business messaging, digital inspections, call tracking, online appointment setting, social media management, and online reputation management.  Kukui lets business owners focus “on the business.” For more information visit Kukui at Kukui.com or call (877) 695-6008.


Patrick Egan
(805) 403-3462
Motor Age Training

Motor Age Training

Motor Age Training offers an extensive library of educational materials designed to help repair shop owners and technicians expand their skills for servicing the complex vehicles of today. Motor Age Training provides access to best in class training opportunities in the form of webinars, live events, technical videos, ASE Study Guides and detailed repair content through the pages of its flagship publication, Motor Age.


Pete Meier
(813) 909-3803
O'Reilly Auto Parts

O'Reilly Auto Parts

O'Reilly Automotive intends to be the dominant supplier of auto parts in our market areas by offering our retail customers, professional installers, and jobbers the best combination of price and quality provided with the highest possible service level.

In order to accomplish this mission, O'Reilly will provide a benefit and compensation plan that will attract and keep the kind of people that will enable the Company to reach its goals of growth and success.

John Hoffman
(253) 709-9868
OPUS IVS Powered by Autologic

OPUS IVS Powered by Autologic


Autologic Diagnostics provides a comprehensive diagnostics solution, built from the ground up to deal with the challenges of today's more complex European, Domestics, and Asian vehicles. Our fully-integrated diagnostic support system combines dealer-trained technician expertise with diagnostic technology to ensure we make our customers more profitable by finding faults faster and more accurately, as well as repair more cars, faster with fewer mistakes. 


Justin Kidd
+1 (877) 945-6442


RepairPal provides expert full service repair for most vehicles. From small to large repairs, know costs in advance with the fair price estimator.

Since 2008, RepairPal has provided Fair Price Estimates to millions of users. These estimates are developed by Master ASE Certified mechanics and based on both manufacturer and aftermarket parts. For labor pricing, we rely on labor guides and expert input. RepairPal is the leading source of estimates for Cars.com, Consumer Reports and Napa AutoCare.

Judit Medel
(510) 323-4707
RLO Training

RLO Training

RLO Training brings relevant and quality training to the auto repair industry. RLO Training works with shop owners to transform the future of the auto repair industry by raising the standard in service and management.

Customers receive better service, technicians earn better pay, and shop owners develop smoother operations and a more profitable business.

Over the past thirty-two years, RLO Training and ASA Northwest have worked together to provide training that strengthens the industry. Dan Gilley says "We believe success comes to those who understand how to get results," and working with ASA Northwest empowers shop owners to be successful and get those results.

Dan Gilley
(800) 755-0988
Sychrony Financial Car Care One

Sychrony Financial Car Care One

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Synchrony Car Care™ gives customers a way to pay for the automotive services and parts they need, with 6 Months Promotional Financing on purchases of $199 or more on the Synchrony Car Care credit card.* For our partners, that can mean higher average tickets, more repeat business and more. Plus, Synchrony Car Care provides valuable marketing support and analytics to help drive success. Find out more at synchronybusiness.com/carcare today!

We’ve built relationships with national and regional retailers, healthcare providers, manufacturers and more. We serve hundreds of thousands of partner locations across the U.S. and Canada, and each one is important to us.

Scott Schwalm
(937) 534-8697
Technician Academy

Technician Academy

Technician.Academy is personalized, onsite, and online training for the Automotive Technicians of Today and Tomorrow. It’s focused, category-specific education that’s manufacturer-supported with NO sales-pitch. Onsite instruction takes place at colleges, WDs, automotive events, and in-bay at professional garages. T.A makes online training and resources available whenever they’re needed, 24/7. Our goal is helping Technicians of Today continue to grow professionally, and inspire Technicians of Tomorrow.

Shawn Collins
(855) 306-8818