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The company became the first auto parts retailer to create a quality control program for its parts, causing business to boom. The company grew quickly in the 80s and had 513 stores in 17 states by 1989.

The company went public in 1991 on the NYSE under the ticker symbol: AZO. In 1995, the 1000th store was opened in Louisville, Kentucky. The following year the company opened their website.  In 1998, the company acquired Auto Palace, TruckPro, and Chief Auto Parts, which gave the chain over 150 extra locations. In 2008, AutoZone opened their 4,000th store in Houston, Texas. Annual revenue that year hit $6.2 billion.

There was currently over 4400 locations in 48 US states and a total of 6003 in Mexico, Brazil, and the US.  Annual revenue in 2017 was $10.89 billion, The Autozone corporate office is located in Memphis, Tennessee.

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