2019 Keynote Presentations

The ATE Training Expo is committed to offering keynote presentations relative to the automotive industry. Below you will find an overview of this year's keynote speakers and presentations.

Friday March 22th, 2019

Your Passion – Is It Nowhere? - John Burkhauser – Sponsored by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY

Remember doing something like fixing a crank, no start and the feeling that you felt as the engine roared to life? Your passion, your career, might have been born in that moment. But now your job is a drag and your passion gone. It’s time to change this. The good news is the automotive industry is currently going through a transformation that if you position yourself correctly, your passion can be reborn, and your career can take off as you always wanted it to. This Keynote is your first step in preparing and positioning yourself to take advantage of this shift in the industry giving you your passion and career back.

Saturday March 23th, 2019

Bill Haas – Stopping Long Enough to Consider What Lies Ahead – Sponsored by The Group Training Academy

Saturday Breakfast

Technicians, service advisors and owners seldom find the time to think beyond the immediate car or customer they are serving. This will be a great opportunity to stop and examine the next generation of vehicles, future technology, and customer expectations. What lies ahead when changes are happening so fast? The shop of tomorrow won’t to do what it does today.

To ADAS or not to ADAS, that is the question. - Chris Chesney – Sponsored by CTI/CARQUEST

Saturday Lunch

By now you've all been exposed to articles, advertisements, videos and new reports focused on the tidal wave of Advanced Driver Assist Systems or ADAS being installed on vehicles worldwide. They promise a world of safety, convenience and reclamation of time (autonomy). But if you've been watching industry news lately, you've surely been scared to death with the possible liability and legal risk these technologies present. As a leader of the largest automotive education program in North America, Chris Chesney will guide you through the quagmire of myth and assumption resulting in a clear picture of how becoming Service Ready for ADAS technologies can be a clear differentiator for you and your business.

Sunday March 24th, 2019

Next Generation Owners - Bob Ward - Sponsored by NEXT GENERATION SHOP OWNERS

Who are they? Where do you find them? Learn the amazing truth --- they're already working in the business! Technicians and Service Advisors, working for successful shop owners, are the next generation. Bob Ward, nationally recognized as an expert in small business succession planning, will inspire you to begin your exit strategy now and ensure your legacy.