Instructor Biography - Mike Cooper

About the Instructor

Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper is the lead trainer at Service Intelligence specializing in sales and marketing messaging. In working with shops the past decade Mike has discovered one of the biggest disconnects that loses shops profits is the message from the marketing to the front counter. When that message is fragmented the customer is left confused. A confused customer much harder to work with. For the last decade Mike has helped shops see an easy $100k-$200k in extra revenue per year by using predictive preventative maintenance messaging combined with the shops ideal client profile(s). This integral message used in all marketing and sales conversation creates a win-win situation that leaves the customer happier, and the shop more profitable.


Mike is passionate about helping your shop see transformational results from your marketing and messaging. His mission is to help your shop see both a quick and long term increase of profits by closing more high-profit repeatable and predictive services to the customers who want to buy them. This is done through your shops marketing campaigns, sales process, and website.