Instructor Biography - Luke Murray

About the Instructor

Luke Murray

Luke began his career as an apprentice in an independent Porsche and BMW shop in Santa Barbara, Schneider Autohaus. He fell in love with BMW after attending a training course on the introduction of the E46. The idea of “Key Car Memory” made him fascinated with modern BMW electronics. Having always been into technology, and a sponge for information, Luke began researching everything about BMW. After many years of studying BMW exclusively, he began sharing that knowledge with those around him.

Luke has always had a passion for teaching. He often does guest lectures at regional trade schools, community colleges, and high schools. Luke has helped contribute technical data to numerous publishers. One of Luke’s favorite things to do in the automotive industry is to speak at career fairs in local schools. He loves to inspire the youth of this country to do something great with their lives, and change the image of a mechanic from a “grease monkey” to a professional.

Luke has been instructing and developing curriculum with the WTI since 2010.