Instructor Biography - Lonnie Horn

About the Instructor

Lonnie Horn

Lonnie Horn has 28 years’ experience in the industry as a technician and automotive trainer. He holds an ASE L1 advanced level specialist certification as well as the A9 light duty diesel certification. Lonnie has a long history as a flat rate technician extending to a successful shop owner. Lonnie also worked as a diesel diagnostic technician at a very reputable diesel diagnostic and repair shop.   Lonnie has a heart for the future of the automotive repair industry and loves to pass on his experience to working technicians in the field.

Lonnie Horn develops curriculum and trains for CARQUEST Technical Institute as well as working with students at Highlands College Automotive Program in Butte, MT. Lonnie is an ASE Master Technician with the A9 Light Duty Diesel and Advanced Level Specialist certification. Lonnie’s 25 years of experience in the automotive repair and diesel markets helps all levels of technicians improve their skill sets. As a former shop owner and diesel technician, Lonnie brings hands-on experience to the class that is relevant for technicians in the bay. Lonnie believes that “Knowledge is one of the most important tools any technician can own.”