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Jennifer Filzen

It all started when Jennifer Filzen decided to become a singer/songwriter and create her first pop music album, Sirena. Her marketing and sales talents afforded her the opportunity to get her music heard around the world, including India, China, Australia, and the United States. Her writing talents launched her into writing SEO content for websites, and many auto repair shops choose this Rock Star to put their businesses into the limelight. Professional Background Owner of Rock Star Marketing in Monterey, CA. Specializes in marketing for the Auto Repair Industry. Her Rock Star Squad of writers has created customized Search Engine Optimized content for websites, Social Media Marketing content, and Blogs since 2009. Interviewed by Carm Capriotto in the “Remarkable Results” podcast, Episode #RR323. Personal Jennifer is married and lives in Monterey, CA. When she’s not running her marketing agency, she is traveling the country and teaching West Coast Swing dance classes with her husband, Rene Arreola. She is also an author who is currently working on her newest book, What Dancing Taught Me About Running a Successful Business. Little known fact: In 1989, Jennifer was the first female Assistant Scoutmaster for two Boy Scout Troops in Florida. Find out more about it in Carm Capriotto’s “For The Record” program, Episode #FTR005.