Instructor Biography - Dan Gilley

About the Instructor

Dan Gilley

Dan began his automotive career when he was fourteen and bought, repaired, and sold a 1959 Cadillac convertible. He gave up his lawn care company to work at a gas station when he turned sixteen just to be around cars. He worked as a technician and a service advisor during his college years and bought his first gas station at age 22. For the next twenty years Dan was challenged as an independent auto repair shop owner. He realized that he needed to learn as much as he could and attended seminars, business schools, workshops and anything else that would help make his businesses a success. That?s when the passion for the automotive industry developed. Dan became a member of the Bottom Line Impact Group and took his company to a new level. In 2003 Dan joined the RLO team as a full time instructor and coach. His zeal to transform the automotive industry is apparent in his enthusiasm for helping others improve all aspects of their businesses. He continues now as president of RLO Training to take the automotive industry forward into a successful future.